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Two Stars to the Right ...

... and Straight onto the Morning

7 December
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A Little Introduction


I'm Cat, I like to think of myself as friendly, nice (to some extent), honest and sufficiently intelligent. However I think if my friends saw that description of myself they'd laugh.

Where I'd like to go one day: Venice, Rome (Italy in general), France - specifically Paris, Japan (been), China (been), London, New York (been), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, The Deep American South, Egypt
Languages: English, mediocre to poor Mandarin, good Shanghainese
Hobbies: Reading, eating, talking, sleeping, stalking
Talents: Playing the Piano, Flute, keeping conversations going, cracking bad jokes to ease the tension.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes Cool People, J Dramas, K Dramas, Tw Dramas, rainy days, free samples, reading, watching tv, developing unhealthy obsessions, reading peoples diary entries, sexual tension, jeans, t-shirts with funny sayings, British accents, a good thriller now and again, funny jokes, innuendo, witty comebacks, comments, freedom, long drives/train rides/ plane rides, fanfiction, good music, musicals, school roofs, good grammar (despite not possessing any good grammar skills myself), cliches (sometimes), magic, fake sushi displays, biodegradable objects, silence, hypocrisy, appropriate angst, compliments, the social contract, psychology, challenges, loyalty, randoms, forks in instant noodle packages, the last book on the shelf, armchairs, diy food, movies, dramatizations, ballroom dancing, lockers, unrequited love, triangles, loud speaker, epiphanies, flipping to the answers and realising you've gotten the question right (particularly for math) and re-writing wrongs.
Dislikes Bad hair days, humid or extremely hot afternoons, the morning, Boobah (don't ask), advertisements, school assignments, essays, really overdone cliches, angsty stories that end with (or begin with) wrist cutting or cutting of any kind, sexism, babies (but only because I know how they come out), discrimination, suffering, weird growths, peeling, network producers canceling great tv shows, songfics, network produces not giving great tv shows sequels or new seasons, licorice, a lot of celebrities - guess who?, people who think they're superior because they don't watch television, litterbugs, people who don't put rubbish in another bin when they see one bin obviously over flowing, restaurants that don't recycle, gum, silence, dictionaries that provide definitions which include the word you're trying to define, rudeness, light pollution and people who are extremely uptight, both in regards to sexuality and cussing.


At one time or another, I was really into: Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, The Office, JE, Autumn in my Heart, Charmed, Richard Armitage, Grosse Point, The OC, Laguna Beach, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Baskets, North and South, Supernatural, Days of our Lives, Centre Stage, Wimbledon (the movie), She's the Man, Cruel Intentions, Vampire Knight, Robin Hood (BBC) Japanese Pop culture, Young Americans, Gossip Girl, Skins, Sparkhouse, Merlin (BBC), True Blood, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Artemis Fowl, C.H.E.R.U.B, Bones, Heroes, House, Glee, The Mentalist, misfits, Sherlock (BBC), Top Gear, Han Geng.


You will remember when a bird crashed through the window and fell to the floor. You will remember, those of you who were there, how it jerked its wings before dying, and left a spot of blood on the floor after it was removed. But who among you was first to notice the negative bird it left in the window? Who first saw the shadow that the bird left behind, the shadow that drew blood from any finger that dared to trace it, the shadow that was better proof of the bird’s existence than the bird ever was? – Everything is Illuminated ny Jonathan Safron Foer.


xcry, missiemae, tsuite, mariegina, abass89 and last but never least naivelittleme. You’ve got my back, and thank God for that, because otherwise I’d loose that too.
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